With a warm and luminescent pallet, world-traveler Haidee O. Cooke expresses cosmic oneness in repeating patterns and swirly textures reminiscent of art from ancient cultures such as the Hindus, Japanese and Polynesians. On some images, fractals and mandalas swirl like river eddies, pulling us hypnotically into the depths of our imagination, as if asking us to envision a better world inhabited by a New Humanity. Her golden hues appear lit from within, peaceful faces shining with an inner sanctity that becomes an outward lifeflow of loving-kindness, harmony and spirituality.

Haidee shares that she discovered her drawing talent in primary school. In her 20s, an epiphany of “everything being energy” sent her on an inward journey of connectedness that continues today.

Detail from “Luminous Soul” 4 ft x 5 ft “Homeward “ 3 ft x 3 ft

“Art is my life and I work continuously. My inspiration is love and oneness,” she says. “This is what I am in search of and what sustains me. The process of transformation is endless, a majestic dynamo that sustains everything.”

Childhood in “the tropics” fostered a sense of fearless exploration of the natural world. Waves, ocean breezes and flowers are prominent throughout her artwork, large scale paintings she can accomplish wherever she is, even if it is on the floor of an AirBnB.

“Ever since I can remember, the only thing I really enjoyed was daydreaming and the beauty in nature,” Haidee reminisces. Now, she’s in search of the New Humanity, which she calls our next step in evolution. “All my art depicts the fluid process of becoming a New Human,” she states.

She uses the word ‘Home’ a couple times in our interview, though not referring to an address in one city but an inner sanctum from which her creativity is borne. Through her artwork, she is showing us the process of becoming this New Human she envisions. In acrylic paints on canvas or silk, murals and also etchings on multiple types of stone, she creates resonance, ever evoking The Golden Thread that unites us all.

“Exploration of becoming” 3 ft x 3 ft “ Cosmic Wind” 4 ft x 6 ft

Much of Haidee’s work is commissioned. Friends bespeak of the generous spirit and talent her and her husband Micheal, also an artist, share with others. Another comment heard was that upon first glance, it seemed her paintings were actually inked on coppery skin like a tattoo, this coming from someone with body art. Perhaps that is not her intention, nevertheless she claims, “I am always thrilled when people from all walks of life can relate and see themselves in my work. It makes me happy.”

Visionary artist Haidee O. Cooke invites you to her upcoming exhibition starting December 1st until May 2024 at The New Local gallery, 741 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO. Visit her website and new Instagram account haidee_o_cooke soon.