Like looking through the glass of a rain drenched window, Samantha Paris Estes’ work evokes the sublime landscape of a new frontier. Her story isn’t unlike many other artists who are drawn to the artistic world at a young age, drawing everything they see for hours. It is the young, impressionable moments that take flight and it was Estes’ mother who noticed her daughter “devouring” paper and drawing pads as fast as she could.

“I vividly remember my mother bringing to the Metropolitan School of Arts in my hometown Syracuse, N.Y. I complained the entire drive there because it was summer and I didn’t want to go to an art class. However, when I walked into the building – seeing art all over the walls – it felt like some enchanting place that I had never seen before. I became very quiet and my mouth was wide open as I took in all the beautiful art. My mom giggled to herself as she knew she brought me to the right place,” Samantha reminisces.

“Universe” 30×40 Acrylic – Samantha Paris Estes

For the past 20 years, she has been working both as an Art Director/Graphic Designer and abstract artist. Her current medium of choice is acrylic and she is exploring mixed media, as well.

“I used to work in oil and I loved it, but for health reasons I went to acrylic. Acrylics have come a long way and I enjoy working with them,” states Samantha. “Blending these two artistic talents extends the range of my capabilities and challenges the boundaries of my art. It enables me to understand my clients. If a client asks for custom work, I am able to approach the request like an art director, asking all the right questions while staying within my style.”

“Disruption with Purpose” 36×48 – Acrylic – Samantha Paris Estes

Artists who have struck an awe chord with her are: “Frida Kahlo: She is known for painting about her experiences. She paints how she feels, and I relate very much to that.
Jackson Pollock: When I first saw one of his paintings I remember saying to myself, “That’s gorgeous.” His extreme form of abstraction, but beautifully balanced pieces are masterful.
George Hall: A recent find who is an Australian artist creating beautiful abstract art. He makes marks or strokes that end up being this wonderful composition. I love his use of color and his work just speaks to me.”

“I paint because I need to,” she continues. “It’s almost a meditative practice for me and a place I can go, get lost and feel completely free. I paint knowing that in this crazy world we live in, one of my paintings is making another person’s life more enjoyable. Being an artist is all I have ever known and I couldn’t imagine being anything else.”

When asked who her greatest influence was, the reply is a teacher she had at The Metropolitan, named Roberta. “She was so encouraging and such a positive influence on me when I first started out. I will never forget her.”

Keys to her success have included; not giving up, eagerness to learn and having a sense of humor.

“A Kick in the Teeth” 36×48 – Acrylic – Samantha Paris Estes

It is with tenacity, a creative eye and color exploration that Samantha Paris Estes originates abstract works of art that expand your mind and elicits other worldly dimensions.

What advice does she have for others that want to head into the art industry? “You have to have grit and not let the other opinions bring you down. You may hear a lot of no’s but there will be yes’s. Just keep creating.” One of her favorite quotes is: “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” – Andy Warhol.

Custom Piece – sold – 36×48 – Samantha Paris Estes

Learn more about Samantha Paris Estes on her website ArtistCalledParis and through Instagram:  and Instagram @artistcalledparis