"Return of the Snow Leopard" - Kimberly Webber
“Return of the Snow Leopard” – Kimberly Webber

Kimberly Webber utilizes spiritual power within her artistic creations. “I am on an alchemical path of creating work that uplifts and empowers humanity and the planet,” states Webber. “When I am able to witness viewers having an experience of empowerment, love, wonder, delight, healing or joy with my work, it makes me infinitely happy.”

Webber knew at a very young age that the arts would forever be a part of her life. “My grandmother gave me a set of watercolors and brushes when I was three and I started painting as soon as I could pick up and hold the brush,” says Webber. “I am so grateful to have a family that encouraged my artistic inclinations.”

"Empowerment" - Kimberly Webber
“Empowerment” – Kimberly Webber

Her medium and style is unique as she incorporates pure powdered earth pigments and many sheer glazes of oil formulas and builds upon them. Even her museum reproductions and prints of the original works have many hours of time dedicated to them. “I was trained in a fusion of traditional Asian and Renaissance oil painting/European techniques. I work on rice paper initially, in a classic vine charcoal and graphite drawing style, and then build up the surface on the front and back with pure, powered earth pigments to create a translucent dimensionality, pushing the rice paper and under-painting to its maximum capacities and parameters,” explains Webber. “The final result is an oil painting on canvas or panel with 70-80+ layers per painting.” The huge 7′ x 9′ canvases Webber describes have over 100 layers of sheer minerals, patinas and glazes. “The multiple layers create chatoyant oil surfaces that are deep, luminous and designed to respond to changing light.”

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"Mera" - Kimberly Webber
“Mera” – Kimberly Webber