The Museum of Outdoor Arts (MOA) welcomed a large crowd of artists and art enthusiasts for the opening reception of Reinventing the Image; an exhibition featuring 21 Colorado-based Artists on Saturday, October 15 with the exhibition running through December 17, 2016.

The museum indoor galleries create an environment that allows their audience to explore the artwork thoughtfully. Take your time, stroll through the museum and truly be engaged by the diversity of the artwork presented. A majority of the works are predominately photo based, however, the exhibition also includes a variety of mixed media art; certainly something for everyone to enjoy!

This exhibition explores the theme of “reinvention” which was thread throughout the 2016 gallery season. “Over 40 distinctive works fill the gallery space exploring fresh methods to interpret external forms of objects, nature, and the human figure. This collection will enlighten viewers on the vast perspectives and innovations each artist contributes to the Colorado art scene.”

"Flight" - Ethan Jackson
“Flight” – Ethan Jackson

Explore the “daydreams in a domestic place” with Ethan Jackson’s artwork, “made while staying in a strange house. The still-life setup takes the form of a collage, without digital manipulation.” Then be captivated by the “superficially whimsical, with an undercurrent of mischief or even malevolence,” of Carol Golemboski‘s artwork, (feature image). “Magicians are illusionists who hoodwink their audience through charm, skill and bravado. Likewise, these pictures are designed to seduce the viewer with visual depth and complexity.” – Golemboski.

The exhibition of artwork from such a diverse group of artists is captivating. Artists in attendance: Sabin Aell, Evan Anderman, Brenda Biondo, Michele Brower, Randy Brown, Jason DeMarte, Maeve Eichelberger, Jennifer Ghormley, Carol Golemboski, Kristen Hatgi Sink, Ethan Jackson, Meredith Nemirov, Daisy Patton, Natascha Seideneck, David Sharpe, Mark Sink, Kevin Sloan, Sally Stockhold, Dorothy Tanner, David Zimmer, and Mario Zoots.

"Clouds 7" - Mark Sink
“Clouds 7” – Mark Sink

Send your mind to flight with the cyanotype process images of clouds by Mark Sink. “I am a cloud chaser. Our Colorado hot Eastern plains air meets the cool air coming off the mountains endlessly producing amazing landscapes in the sky. A theater of beautiful drama playing out most afternoons, always unique, always special. This is work more for the heart than the head,” as explained by Sink.

Delve into lighted sculpture work of visionary Dorothy Tanner in the Sound Gallery that includes video art form with a world/electronica musical collaboration with Marc Billard; this artistic exhibition appeals to all the senses. “Dorothy Tanner and Marc Billard create the world/electronica music that is part of the Lumonics art form. It is a cross-cultural hybrid with influences of world music, electronica, techno, industrial, classical, jazz and involves intriguing textures, percussive effects and world instruments. Tanner and Billard are both deeply involved and excited by the potential that exists in today’s technologically sophisticated music world. The freshness, freedom and richness that cross-cultural music sampling affords has inspired their work.” The collaborative “visuals and music are an extension of the pioneering video art form of Dorothy Tanner and Mel Tanner (1925-1993), beginning in 1978.

Dorothy Tanner - Lumonics
CLICK ON IMAGE to view short video of Dorothy Tanner & Marc Billard’s Visual & Musical Collaboration

Reinventing the Image will be on exhibition until December 17, 2016 and is well worth the visit.

There is no time like the present to become a part of the arts and cultural that surrounds us. Reinventing the Image will be the last exhibition of the museums 2016 season, don’t miss it.

MOA is headquartered at the Englewood Civic Center, 1000 Englewood Parkway, 2nd floor, Englewood, CO 80110. MOA Indoor Gallery Hours are Tuesday – Thursday 10am – 5pm; Friday 10am – 4pm; Saturday 11am – 4pm. Visit MOA online.

"Waterthread 88" - David Sharpe
“Waterthread 88” – David Sharpe

“MOA is a forerunner in the placement of site-specific sculpture in Colorado. Our art collection is located within various public locations throughout the Denver metro area. From commercial office parks to botanic gardens, city parks and traditional sculpture gardens; art is placed to interpret space as “a museum without walls.” Foremost, MOA believes in ‘making art a part of everyday life.”