Suzanne Schultz wants everyone out there to know that she is taking a new career track from gallery owner to artistic coach and consultant, using 13 years as proprietor of Canvas Fine Arts in Boston to naturally transition into the guide by your side as you journey toward professional greatness.

Patrick Hemingway at the John F Kennedy Library with Suzanne Schultz

If you’re ready for it, so is she. “I have pivoted into coaching and teaching, which I love,” Suzanne says. Her ‘show up’ attitude underscores the business model and in her germinal hands, those looking for a getting-discovered-edge will hit all the right targets without wasting time, effort or money.

Glenn Williams GM Boston Neighborhood Network Media & Suzanne Schultz

“Galleries are a great place for some artists but not all,” Suzanne tells us. “There are so many venues and opportunities out there to explore. With my expertise, consultation and international network, you will take control and thrive on your career path. Don’t limit your thinking and dreams.”

One of the things Suzanne says needs to change is the ‘starving artist’ mindset. In the beginning, she started Canvas Fine Arts as a way to help the talented but underserved artists she encountered through her travels overcome the barriers to self-sustaining work. Since then, she has proven adept at incubating and nurturing the artist’s inner spirit and skills, bringing about lasting vocational confidence. Suzanne provides the fodder and assists to channel the coarse of creative genius, where what may now seem unlikely, or even impossible, becomes reality.

Keith Whitmore Boston Design Center – Masterpiece Framing

Like an athletic, work or lifestyle coach, Suzanne’s keen insight focuses the vision and amplifies the drive. “I rely on my intuition and belief in my purpose, first and foremost. I trust in myself and others, always open to new ideas and learning. Then I rely on my know-how and hard work to help my clients, getting to know them so each approach is a tailored fit,” she says. “I have been very fortunate to have had so many partners and colleagues in my own occupation, as well as hundreds of contacts in dovetailing industries.”


With diligence and thinking outside the box, Suzanne launches her clients into a professional trajectory that is beyond rewarding. Skip the stress of attempting to produce inventory AND market yourself appropriately. Your goals are her goals. Reach out to Suzanne Schultz at to learn how expert coaching may be your artistic ticket to a more fulfilling career.