Both provocative and thrilling, Taupin’s art ushers the viewer into a serendipitous visual journey.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Bernie Taupin at the ArtAspen Fair August 2015 where he was given the ArtAspen Honorary Artist Award. His work swept across the expansive room giving the audience an opportunity to view from afar and then step into the dynamic artistic presence.

“MacBeth in Manhattan” – Bernie Taupin

“There are two creative thoughts of the process that I come with in creating anything. The idea is the hardest part, the creation is the easy part once you come with the idea and the idea is in your head. I have a lot of sketch pads and the like to work out my ideas on paper first. Once I come up with an idea, take a piece like “Plain Brown Wrapper,” Taupin directs my sight to the piece on the wall, “I will sketch it out and I will think about size of the piece because I want a certain amount of visual intensity.”

These original ideas are then transformed and reworked onto large canvases or wood, providing depth and personality to the ideas originated in his sketch pad. He went on to explain how most of his pieces are in large format to help carry the message of his art.

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"Your Secret Is Safe... Until" - Bernie Taupin
“Your Secret Is Safe… Until” – Bernie Taupin

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