“I love telling people that they’re allowed to touch my work,” states Wendy Shapiro. “I have always liked experimenting, mixing medium and trying to create something that I have never seen before.”blksand20x60

Wendy Shapiro exhibiting her work at the upcoming Boston Home Decor Show November 18-20, 2016; Gala on Thursday, November 17 with proceeds going toward DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS and Community Research Initiative of New England. The Weekend Show and Sale Schedule is Friday 1pm-8pm; Saturday 11am-8pm and Sunday 11am-5pm.

Shapiro’s artwork takes the viewer to a distant landscape, beach and place of beauty within the subtlety of imagination. “I am inspired mostly by places I have lived. From many years of my life on the Southern beaches of California to the urban landscape of industries past in Boston, an abstract landscape seems to form in my work,” Shapiro signifies. Shapiro also finds her inspiration in vintage cars, mid-century modern architecture, anything art deco and her parents home “which hasn’t changed much since 1970!”

"Gold Horizon" - Wendy Shapiro
“Gold Horizon” – Wendy Shapiro

Shapiro began her study of art at the Danforth Museum of Art in Boston, Massachusetts. “From very early on my parents supported my desire to express myself creatively,” smiles Shapiro. “I loved being part of Danforth. It didn’t seem to phase me that most of the time I was the only kid in the night classes. While my friends were doing sports, I was in an art studio. I continued art courses throughout college graduating in Studio Art, Psychology and American Studies.” Shapiro was drawn to color theory and experimenting with different media that has expanded her portfolio from watercolor to charcoal, pastels and most recently acrylics. “There is just something satisfying about creating art and being able to add a durable textural element,” expresses Shapiro. “I also recently began using eco-friendly paint that helps clean the air. Creating sustainable art is really important to me.”

Shapiro believes it is important to “break out of the mold” and looks to how she can separate herself from other artists; showcasing the difference in her approach to the artistic expression. “It’s important to be true to yourself and your art. Never compromise and don’t be afraid to try new things,” states Shapiro.

In 2008 Shapiro had her first exhibition at the Fort Point Open Studios. “I had just moved into this beautiful loft with no walls and I had just completed one painting among my hodgepodge of work from the past five years. This fabulous art collecting couple came into my space and fell in love with my one painting. I had actually completed the piece for my new living room, but it ended up being my first sale,” states Shapiro and continues “I’ve completed over twenty series of works and that one sale really encouraged me to create more art.”

Allow yourself to back up and gaze into the paintings that Wendy Shapiro has created and you will see clouds, waves, landscapes, beaches and worlds develop into true expressive beauty. Shapiro exhibits her work at Masterpiece Gallery at the Boston Design Center, and Abigail Ogilvy Gallery located in South End Boston.

"White Out #1" - Wendy Shapiro
“White Out #1” – Wendy Shapiro

Wendy Shapiro is part of the FPAC (Fort Points Arts Community and USEA (United South End Artists) which allows her to stay connected with other local artists in the area.

Shapiro’s work has also been selected for the Marriott Resident Inn permanent collection, WGBH Fine Art Auctions, gallery shows and a “myriad of private collections.”

Get out and support the arts and be sure to visit Wendy Shapiro at Boston Home Decor Show November 18-20, 2016. Follow her Instagram and get updated information on her website shapirodesigns.com. Don’t be an artistic bystander, be a collector.