Quiet your mind. That’s the precedent when entering into the showroom of Dorothy Tanner, where the setting means everything. We all know what it is like to prepare your home or dining room for a special occasion. The seating, placement of flowers, the arrangement of everything is so important. This is entirely true of the configuration of creations within her studio.

Dorothy Tanner - Installation
Dorothy Tanner – Installation

It took two years before our life’s schedules would align for this interview. It was as if the stars knew that the setting wasn’t right until now. Her showroom is dark upon entry from the bright outdoors. It takes a few moments to begin seeing the colorful lighting around you as your eyes adjust. It takes a few moments more to grasp the beauty that surrounds you. Leave everything that you carry with you at the door; your uncertainty, your day of working that 9 to 5 job, because you have now entered into the serenity and positive light that is the artwork of a true legend.

When asked where she finds her inspiration, “I don’t find it… it finds me.”

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