Music and Art is a universal language that is understood by all and have long been a combination that gratifies the senses. Artist Shannon MacDonald, whose artist name is simply “Shannon”  combines these two mediums seamlessly.

Shannon is well versed in both the traditional art mediums of airbrush, paint brush and electric eraser and likes stretched canvas the best, but also finds the digital medium of Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and Dreamweaver to satisfy the creative flow while also being hands on with sculpture in clay and learning Z-Brush for digital sculpting.

Being an artist is something that has always been a part of her. “I am not sure exactly how it all started but I do have some knowledge from my parents. They say I started drawing when I was 2. I didn’t scribble…I was drawing. Of course, it wasn’t the caliper of today but you could see there was something of substance evolving,” states Shannon.

It is the circumstances and people around us that can be our greatest influence and for Shannon, “My greatest influence in life are two: It has to be my grandmother, Florence Mathis, first. There was no better when setting the table for life. Her kindness toward me was always genuine. Her teachings were simple… be kind, be good to yourself, and follow you heart and dreams.”

“Then there is my Uncle Pete. He set the table for reality. He said it like it was and he still does to this day. I believe he gave me the tools to swat the negativity away at an early age when I needed someone to give it to me straight. He is a wonderful man – but his experience in life made him stronger and more capable of not fearing the fearable. These are also tools needed for success,” Shannon reminisces.

Shannon’s music in the studio is in sync with what she is painting, “If I am painting The Beatles – I listen to The Beatles. If I am painting Cheap Trick – I listen to Cheap Trick. The Stones – The Stones. If I am painting anything nonmusical I will listen to Led Zeppelin, ZZ-Top, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Oasis, Elvis, Billie Holiday, Etta James, Joe Bonamassa or whatever is compressed onto one of my digital players.”

“Inspiration, for me, can be anything and anywhere. People, places, experiences, etc. There is no cage when it comes to experience. If I am influenced I paint, I write, I play music,” Shannon’s smile resonates.

Over the course of her career, Shannon has developed special career tactics, “A) It is always show time! When you walk into a room, when you present your work, when you set foot to unveil… The curtain comes up and you’re “ON”! Be prepared and always look your best.  B) I remember when I first started my business. For years I drove around in this clunky old van. It got me to the job and I always looked my best. But it wasn’t enough. I just couldn’t get over the financial hump. So, I saved everything I had and bought a clean and beautiful low mileage Corvette. I decided to charge 5-times the amount I usually charged. My next gig… I arrived on time, in my new car, still looking my best, carrying a new brief case, and I gave that client my new price. The client never batted an eye. They paid without hesitation. It was my biggest lesson I had ever learned. You have to reek success to get success.”

Shannon combines her skills as an artist and her love for music in her new venture as Art Director for WE2019 Music Festival along with Saloon-Studios Live for major musical events happening now and in the future and created the feature image for the upcoming WE2019 event being held at the Saloon Studios Live, West Jefferson, North Carolina, August 9-11 and August 16-18. Music and Art is a passionate part of Shannon MacDonald’s life. The six day, two weekend event brings together incredible musicians within an intimate setting.

Per the website,, the festival line-up for the the entire six day, two weekend festival is as follows:

WE 2019 Festivals – August 9th, 10th, 11th and August 16th, 17th, 18th 2019.

*Festival Weekends with 30 Living Legends Keeping The Spirit of 1969 Alive

(More original 1969 Bethel Festival Artists performing this August than anywhere on the planet for this Summer of Love 50th Anniversary celebration.)*


To learn more about Artist Shannon (MacDonald) visit her directly through links below:


Shannon believes the three (3) keys to her success have been:

1. Side stepping negative people
2. Perserverance with business and art
3. Always approach the canvas to be better than the last piece of art

ArtBeat Magazine thanks you, Shannon, for your time and dedication to Artistic World Around Us!

Feature Image: “Five Strings for Keith” (Keith Richard’s Telecaster); Airbrush, Paint Brush, Electric Eraser on Canvas. Client: Personal Collection