Carrie Diaz is an artist who is able to cross genres within the artistic world. From muted tones of rainy scenes in chalk pastels to the dynamic energy of her Outdoor Sports Art in watercolors and gouache. Diaz blends her creative spirit quite comfortably.

Whistler Mountain Biker - Carrie Diaz
Whistler Mountain Biker – Carrie Diaz

“I am a native of Boulder, Colorado and I reside in Denver. In high school I took every art class that was offered which included drawing, ceramics, painting and photography,” states Diaz. “Where I live influences my artistic path.” It wasn’t until art classes at the Art Institute of Colorado that Diaz began to actually produce art and paintings. Diaz explained that she was in the last graduating class that was able to take a fine art class at the Art Institute.

Skiers - Watercolor/Gouache - Carrie Diaz
Skiers – Carrie Diaz


“I have three favorite mediums, watercolor, gouache and chalk pastels.” Diaz creates the Outdoor Sports Art because she “loves to show the passion of others in their sports moment.” Active herself, Diaz enjoys biking and of course painting.

Diaz was named the Official Artist of the Boulder Sports Hall of Fame several years ago. “As the official artist it was my honor to paint Olympian Frank Shorter, who was inducted into the 2011 Boulder Sports Hall of Fame. I was told he has my painting proudly displayed in his living room,” smiles Diaz. “Shortly thereafter, at his 40th year anniversary in Boulder, Colorado I got the chance to meet Frank Shorter personally, where he thanked me for the painting and told me how much he loved it.”

Fly Fishing - Watercolor/Gouache - Carrie Diaz
Fly Fishing – Carrie Diaz

Diaz will showcase her vibrant sports art at the upcoming BolderBOULDER 10K Road Race May 29, 2017 from 6am-1pm. Course Map HERE.

Visit Carrie Diaz along the race course at 1717 Folsum Street across from McGuckin Hardware.

Her exhibition will include prints from all of her Outdoor Sports Art paintings, including paintings from the Boulder Sports Hall of Fame. You can also visit her website Outdoor Sports Art HERE. Be Active in Life and Art!