ArtBeat introduced fans to Scottsdale artist Mark Greenberg in Recursive Equations on a Complex Plane two years ago and has exciting news to share in regard to the evolution of his art. Readers may remember how Mark’s computational equations produce infinite patterns of striking detail and color saturations. To him, it is the blend of technology and art that feeds the process further. As with most artistic processes, it is natural for Mark to advance the creative outflow into even more numerical magic AND he is stepping into sales to those who wish for something truly custom to hang on the wall.

“I am making more and more art pieces that are personalized for individual people,” Mark shares with us. “What makes this possible is the unique nature of fractals themselves and a computer programming concept called random seed. I use a person’s entire name as the random seed and spin up a fractal that is unique to them. Voila!” Mark says that when he demonstrates the process, people get the impression that somehow their spirit or essence has been captured in the artwork.

Mark retired from teaching thus freeing himself to pursue his techno-artistic adventures full time. Almost every year he makes a pilgrimage to Boston’s Wolfram Summer School where he immerses himself in the latest weather satellite, computer vision and space-time visualization programming, as well as generative artificial intelligence. The weeks spent at the Massachusetts retreat absorbing all things computer is the well-spring for Mark’s digital dreamscapes.

“I always filter experiences with an artist’s eye”, he says, “asking myself how this might apply to my way of making art? I have begun experimenting with ways to enhance my fractals with AI.” His work comes printed on aluminum sheeting, giving the already-glow-from-within patterns an added depth and sheen. Email to find out what your name might look like in a random seed fractal.

All images are custom and courtesy of the artist.