When I saw Dakota Meyer, United States Marine Corps veteran and CEO of Flipside Canvas, LLC, talk about his company on his friend’s YouTube channel, I knew I had to reach out and learn more about his patriotic approach to art. Meyer runs Flipside Canvas out of Austin, TX, on the belief that, “…art offers an opportunity to showcase your commitment to empower yourself and others.”

Oath in HD metal

A look at their 18 online galleries and you will quickly see that this LLC is more about motivating the fighting spirit and living in personal strength than hanging something generic on your walls. Flipside may not be considered ‘fine’ or appeal to everyone, but that is by choice for Meyer. “Our art is for leaders not followers,” he touts. “It’s for people who love America and wake up everyday ready to change the world. We want each piece to reflect that.”

Loosing a good buddy in combat was the impetus behind Meyer’s business after returning home from the Middle East in 2010. Sadly, Gunny Sergeant Aaron Kenefick lost his life in Afghanistan, 2009, and it was his habit to say, “See you on the flipside,” every time he left. It is in Kenefick’s honor that Flipside Canvas was born. Amanda Burks, an administrator at Flipside, explains that Meyer’s goal is to create a lasting product and impact. “Our images are going to stand the test of time due to the quality of the work and also a lasting impression on those who see the art,” she says. “Each image created by our graphic designer (also a Marine veteran) is meant to spark a conversation between people, or a creative thought process within the individual.”

Silent Professionals canvas

Everything at Flipside Canvas is 100% American from message, material to production. It is also 100% guaranteed for life. Meyer says, “We produce our own stretcher bars in-house from locally sourced wood. They are better constructed, stronger and thicker than what other art shops may offer. No sagging or wrinkling in our art.”

Printed on HD metal, canvas or paper, Flipside’s art is not mass-produced so you won’t see it sold at any big box store and their designer come out with new images on the regular, though there is a bestseller category available on the website. Military imagery and philosophy reign supreme, however they do have a softer edge with their stylish ‘Lady Lounge’ collection. Limited editions and personalized designs are also available.

Rocker Chick

Flipside’s graphics are as eye catching as they are emotionally charged. Asking, “What emotions are you feeling when you look at a Frogmen canvas? Do you feel the sense of importance for their service or do you feel a sense of intensity for the situation the soldiers are in?” Burks proposes that if so, then maybe something at Flipside Canvas is for you.

It is obvious that Meyer and everyone at Flipside represents the best ideals in personage as well as business ethic. “If it is not worthy of our signature, it is not worthy to hang on your wall,” they proclaim.

ArtBeat Magazine appreciates the mission and sacrifice of our military service members. Thank you for your service. See all collections on the link above and sign up for their newsletter. Follow Flipside Canvas on Instagram and Facebook where you can sign up for a chance to win free art. Find more information about the Affiliate Program and look for their introductory promotional discounts. Images courtesy of Mr. Meyer, just four of hundreds to view.