Inspiration. Such a word draws on deep emotion and possibilities. The possibilities of artistic motion should art be your motivation; the possibilities of action, which still happens to fall under the veil of art.

Rabbit Rabbit - Transition 01 - Big Bad Bettie Press
Rabbit Rabbit – Transition 01 – Big Bad Bettie Press

Rabbit Rabbit: Transition 01 is an inspirational exercise in artistic beauty that intertwines stories, artististry and innovators through the theme of transition.

“The first issue of Rabbit Rabbit explores the theme of transition weaving together a variety of expressions, comments and oppositions that are as broad as the experience itself.”

Katie Harwood, editor, founder and navigator of Big Bad Bettie Press completed her MFA in May 2015. Like most with the finality of college in hand, the typical next question that presents itself is “Now what?” “I experienced a brief moment of ecstasy that was quickly followed by several expletives and heavy questions. In the middle of my fear, I began to think about my grandmother, Big Bad Bettie. During WWII, she was stationed at Notre Dame University as a WAVE and became the first woman to enroll in flight class,” Harwood explains. “As the daughter of the man who invented the famous Ludwig Drums, she possessed a certain boldness and tenacity. And in her later years, I remember how she loved dressing up in funny outfits and seemed to never be without her giant toothy grin. She was daring, creative and march to the beat of her own drum.”

With the thought of her grandmother on her side, Harwood felt compelled to dive deep into the next adventure of life. “I transformed my fear into courage, joined forces with talented friends and colleagues and [protected but the delusional optimism and blind stubbornness one needs when taking risks] launched Big Bad Bettie Press.” One can feel the exhale of acoomplishment and the inhale of a new and promising beginning for Harwood and BBB Press.

rabbit-rabbit-image-03-1“We make books, art objects and promote ideas that are bold, brassy and creative. Rabbit Rabbit is one of those ideas. We are rooted in the value of the tangible and believe that artists and innovators need to be a part of the batter, not just the icing,” exclaims Harwood.

Rabbit Rabbit is a superstitious phrase that is spoken at the beginning of each month on the first day for good luck. “The history of the phrase is vague and dotted as many superstitions are, but to us, it represents clean slates and new beginnings,” states Harwood.

The first of its kind, Rabbit Rabbit an annual curated journal of artists and innovators is an opportunity to explore the meaning of transition and new beginnings through the eyes and voice of another. “Despite the inherent uncertainty, the utter lack of anything remotely close to a promise that things will work out with some degree of goodness, success, joy, or prosperity, we tend to value times of transition like we value the seasonal emergence of spring out of winter – it’s a moment for hope to override cynicism and for us to envision the possibility of more metaphorical sunshine, blossoming trees and clearer skies” – Seeds Already There by Dr. Cori Wong reflects on the beauty as well as the uncertainty of change, our level of comfort and discomfort for the unknown.rabbit-rabbit-image-05

The concept and imagery of Rabbit Rabbit is fascinating. It is a wondrous journey of enlightenment and contemplation. This first journal features 21 talented “emerging photographers, painters, sculptors, and writers working around the globe.  It is a one-of-a-kind conversation starter that will inspire you and tickle your brain.” It is certainly not a book you look through once as you can be certain that you will have missed something. Get lost in the conversation presented.

Artist Natalie Krick
Artist Natalie Krick

Learn more about Rabbit Rabbit and how to order your limited edition HERE. The gift of art can be   inspirational and what better inspiration then a journal of art and adventure. Happy Journey.