California artist, Michael Carini takes his audience on a revealing and wondrous journey of his heart, soul and mind expressed in vibrant colors. This exhibition is an open introduction into the life, struggles and realizations of Carini, his experiences transformed into the artwork represented. Truly a healing, meditation and rebirth.

“Comprised of a series of color field acrylic paintings, Carini has applied a complex numerical theory to select the 49 elegant artworks on view. Drawing on the artist’s own personal development, the exhibit’s rainbow color scheme also exudes the theme of pride found in unity, community, love and support. The project symbolizes, in its journey across the color wheel, the evolution from darkness into light that the artist experienced over the previous five years. Special additions to the exhibit include framed brushes, repurposed paint bottles from this time period and excerpted journal entries displayed on the floor speak to the personal journey evinced in this exhibit. The artist has partnered with art therapy-focused Expressive Arts Institute to display these vibrant new works in the context of a space meant for healing and regeneration.”*m-carini-1
“Transforming bright and healing colors into this polyptych, consisting of 49 paintings ready for meditative reflection, the artist’s storytelling impetus is clear through each individual sub-narrative, or “reigndrop”, on display to form the greater “reignbough.” Connected to the artist’s rediscovery of his father’s legacy at the age of 28, these paintings are an elegy to the artist’s father’s suicide and demonstrate the period of self-discovery culminating in healing and personal growth. The works on view traverse the rainbow of enlightenment that the artist has experienced along this five year journey and allow visitors to uncover their own personal narratives across this monumental, yet deeply intimate, exhibition.”*

Join Michael Carini and Martha Pace Swift Gallery at Liberty Station for the Opening Reception Friday June 2, 5pm-8pm, located at 2820 Roosevelt Road, #204, San Diego, California. This exhibition will be on view through September 22, 2017. Carini will be present every First Friday through the end of the exhibition 5pm-8pm.

Michael Carini is an artist that truly gives life to his art and life lives on through his art. His passion, undeniable. This is definitely an art reception not to be missed so that you may meet this charismatic man and explore the depth of this wondrous artwork in person.3-1

*Quotes were gathered from recent press release