Art can send a powerful message, Casting Currents, the present exhibition at Walker Fine Art, has a fluidity that conveys calm waters to rushing currents. Like a winding river, or the rolling in and out of the tide, each artist brings a level of intrigue that is alluring and awe inspiring as they weave our relationship with water and art together. Each direction you look, you are mesmerized by the rhythm of the visual movement created by the artists.

“The Color of Water” – Patricia Finley

Artist Statements:

ANA ŽANIĆ presents “Reef”, a watercolor series inspired by distant memories of summers on the Adriatic Sea in her homeland of Croatia. These paintings have evolved through quiet tension between the fluidity, softness, and calm of the loose washes. The transparency and vulnerability of the creative process through watercolor inspires Žanic to draw this metaphor to life itself.

ALLISON SVOBODA approaches her painting process as an intuitive response to life. The cycle of life and death and the fractals found in nature from microscopic to galactic provide constant fascination as small worlds emerge within the alchemy of water, pigment, and elements in her pieces. She seeks to bring the viewer a sense of impermanence while conveying the paradox of growth and destruction.

“Tranquility” – Bonny Lhotka

Leaving the traditional one dimension of the flat canvas, BONNY LHOTKA explores the ebb and flow of reality and how one experiences the world of art in three dimensions. In her latest series, Lhotka presents a composite of lenticular photographs of the movement of water flowing up, over, and under to create a woven blanket of beautiful forms dancing in the sunlight.

Observing the dynamic, flowing wave forms and patterns in nature, DANNY WILLIAMS transports those inspirations into his paintings, which he considers visual portals to other realms. Drawing the viewer into the depths to evoke a sense of wonder, he utilizes color, brush technique and perspective to achieve this unique, multi-dimensional effect.

“Synergy” – Danny Williams

Water, particularly ocean water, is a primal draw for PATRICIA FINLEY, and the basis of inspiration for her latest series. The irresistible appeal of the vast blueness, multi-colored blue-greens and extraordinary shades of teal instill lasting intrigue, which she captures in her resin + acrylic paintings. The freedom of floating exhilarates and compels her full attention in the creative process.

SHARON STRASBURG presents rich tapestries of saturated color, pattern and variation in her laser cut monotypes. Firmly believing that process is in service to content, her work begins with complex drawings of the natural world and ends with a combination of printmaking and laser cutting to showcase varieties of multi-hued contours in abstracted land and seascapes.

“Searching the Sky for Change 2” – Allison Svoboda

It is a graceful journey of light, depth and intrigue that brings the relationship we all share with water to the surface and well worth a visit. Casting CurrentsClosing Mimosa Reception, Saturday, July 16th, 2022, 11am-1pm.

Join Walker Fine Art on Saturday, June 11th, 2022, 6pm-9pm as they celebrate 20 years of sharing the arts with the community. ArtBeat Magazine thanks Walker Fine Art for their continued contribution to awakening the collector in us all and for supporting the arts.

“Small” – Sharon Strasburg