It has been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. And if that is true then artist Paola Rava breathes life into the connection of animal and human simply by looking in to her subject matter’s eyes.

“I’ve always had an artistic sensibility that allowed me to appreciate the nuances and beauty of the world around me. I followed my artistic training that over the years has allowed me to express my talent and enter in the world art,” says Rava.

The beauty expressed through her paintings along with the challenges of being an artist, as described by Rava, “is to enter into the bottom of your heart and bring out the inner light and depict it in your paintings.” We recently asked her advice to those wanting to enter into the art world as well as any specific career tactics she employs to which Rava states, “To connect deeply to your soul before commencing their creations. I do not use particular tactics, I only try to express on canvas what I feel in my heart.”

Her inspiration comes from following her intuition and observing the human soul and nature with the approach of “having the strength to always express my ideas, trying to create emotions and my sincere desire to offer my contribution to the planet.”

Rava creates her breathtaking work by blending oil and acrylic paints as one technique she enjoys. However it is Idroil that is her favorite medium,  special oil colors that can also be mixed with water  allowing her to capture the images in such precise detail and emotion.

Why is Rava drawn to creating the art work she does and what keeps her sane? “It is a need that I feel within me and an expression of my being. The awareness of being guided and loved and connection with the Divine Energy.” Her philosophy for work, family and life is simply gratitude.


Paola Rava’s artistic path includes being the author of a recently published book, The Secret Power of Animals. “Men and animals were created together and have lived together from immemorial time, in the wonderful symbiotic balance of nature. Soon afterwards man felt superior and, betraying the original ancestral agreement that tied all the souls, exploited them, hunted them, killed them, sometimes for fear, but more frequently for money or fun. We may understand the message that their pure gaze wants to convey us, simply by concentrating on the intensity of their eyes. We might be able to understand that if we lose them, we will lose ourselves.” The Secret Power of Animals has been published in both Italian and English.

Paola Rava’s upcoming exhibition in Bologna, Italy

“The best reward consists in the smiles and the looks of people that observe my art and their satisfaction in buying one of my works,” shares Rava with her own smile.

Learn more about Paola Rava by visiting her website: or follow her on Instagram link here Paola Rava Decorazioni.

If you are in the area of Bologna, Italy, visit Paola Rava at her upcoming exhibition, Thursday, November 28th, 2019.

In the United States, you can find her work at Canvas Fine Arts 460 Harrison Avenue gallery 21 C and Masterpiece Gallery at The Boston Design Center, 1 Design Place, Suite 545, all located in Boston, Massachusetts.

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