Jennifer Mosquera - "Rooftop View"
Jennifer Mosquera – “Rooftop View”

Lapis Gallery celebrates 19 years of bringing the public closer to the artist and the artist closer to the public by hosting an exhibition of extraordinary artisans for the May 5th First Friday. Owned by three brothers, Erik, Jon and Michael Rieger, who are all artists representing several different mediums in their own right, smile and laugh as they reminisce about their very first, First Friday. “Our parents and a few friends were the only ones that showed up,” states Erik. Today, nearly 1000+ grace the doorways of Lapis Gallery every First Friday.

What they had considered to be the “Mayberry” of Denver, an everyone knows each other along Tennyson Street atmosphere, has become a bustling neighborhood of artistic adventure and restaurants alike. The Tennyson Cultural District¬†in the Berkley neighborhood of The Highlands, happened thanks to the Rieger’s dedication of business with Lapis Design and Build and by also showcasing artists work within the gallery, matching the artists with collectors and introducing the novice to the artistic world. This then brought in new business and sadly some older businesses moved on, however, what you still find within the Tennyson Cultural District is the comfortable “Mayberry” feeling.

Shay Davis - "Africa - Endangered Species Series"
Shay Davis – “Africa – Endangered Species Series”

The list of artists, in no particular order for this upcoming exhibition is impressive: Stefan Geissbuhler, Bill Amundson, Stevon Lucero, Brian Comber, Erik Rieger, Lea Wells, Shay Davis, Carrie Diaz, Jennifer Collins, Donovan Rieger, Jennifer Mosquera, Bryan Dahlberg, Michael Rieger and Tadd Moskal. Each of the artists listed bring an incredible level of talent to the table, so much so that I am sure you will find something to satisfy your artistic appetite. There are also price points that meet every level of budget making it easy to start or add to your art collection.

Erik Rieger performing in front of Lapis Gallery - Tennyson Cultural District
Erik Rieger performing in front of Lapis Gallery – Tennyson Cultural District

Erik Rieger who is known for his 4th Dimensional Performance Art will kick off the Celebration and the Summer of Art by also performing this First Friday along Tennyson Street in front of the gallery. Performance begins at dusk.

Lapis Gallery is located at 3971 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO 80212. Parking is limited along Tennyson Street, so please don’t get discouraged if you have to park a block or two away, for it will be worth the walk to experience Lapis Gallery and the other artistic adventures along the route. Also you will have several different restaurant choices for dinner, so coming hungry may not be such a bad idea either.

Join Lapis Gallery this First Friday as they celebrate 19 years of business and enjoy a beautiful evening of art and adventure, 6pm – 10pm, Friday, May 5th, 2017. ¬†Feature Image: Stefan Geissbuler – “Red Sector”