Must See Singularly Sustainable Designs

Forget the sticker shock and focus on the craftsmanship. Thunder Voice Hat Company did not answer a request for interview, but we want our friends to know how wonderful their product is. Reclaimed hats create soul-stirring, sustainable headwear. Many other beautiful items available on their website. Check them out on YouTube, etc.

Check out something we heard about recently. Non-profit Keep Phoenix Beautiful, an affiliate of the larger initiative Keep America Beautiful, offers a dozen opportunities to lose yourself in ‘The Greater Good’ with their community gardens, volunteer opportunities and other civic events all across town. Free fun and education for the whole family. Learn how to green up your life with plant workshops and visit their websites for presentations, resources on electronic and hazardous waste recycling or green waste diversion. Salutes to such a meaningful program.

Independent music and video production is easier now than ever. Some people put it to good use like the guys in the link below.

(84) Christopher James’ Creative Space COMING SOON – YouTube

We are always looking for art promotion partners. If you have or do something interesting, please get ahold of us! ArtBeat wishes its readers a Happy and Prosperous 2023.