Housed in a lovely Art Deco building that was Nashville’s historic U.S. Post Office is the Frist Art Museum. Currently, there is an elegant textiles exhibit and a small installation by Sandra Overton until the end of the year that was very enjoyable, but it was an exhibit in Frist’s small Conte Community Arts Gallery that really caught my eye.

2022 Young Tennessee Artists – Frist Art Museum [Click to view entire gallery and learn more]

Students in the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate studio art programs create two-dimensional pieces of art that the world is blessed to see. Artwork for the exhibit is chosen by a panel of professionals from the scholastic, public and private art sectors. The talent displayed in this ninth biannual – on view in person until February 12, 2023 – is seemingly beyond the years of the artists; thoughtfully imaginative, truthfully honest, beautiful in many ways, confrontational without sass. Hats off to these individuals and Frist’s mission to showcasing local and regional artists all year long.

Frist Art Museum is closed Tuesday and Wednesdays.

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Outstanding Arts in Tennessee’s Mayberry-Look-Alike Town

Not far off Interstate 40 in between Nash and Knoxville is the tiny hamlet of Granville where this season’s showcase ‘Christmas Hallmark Movie’ tour takes visitors through a number of century-old establishments loaded with charming history and unexpected finds. Take for instance the half-a-house museum of antique whiskey decanters (more interesting than you realize!), the local bank turned cozy fashion boutique and a two-story T.B. Sutton General Store – est. 1880 – where dozens more local artisans sell their wares.

Check these websites for just three excellent examples of what is available year-round for unique souvenir shopping: Granville Broom Works, Margaret Alexander Blum at New Moon Studios and Trish’s Custom Hand Carving and Etching.

Shout out to Granville’s friendly staff and volunteers for their dedication to their history and super charming presentation!

I found the knitted throws draped over benches and tied around lamp posts especially darling. Granville town tours are closed every Sunday.

Please note that several overnight accommodations options are available in the middle of this idyllic setting. The general area boasts beautiful Cumberland River views along with numerous historical battle sites throughout the winding country roads. Please drive with care and enjoy the scenery artfully.