Not many little girls get to grow up and become one of the most popular fantasy-creatures of all time for a living. Besides theme parks and other esoteric outlets, character acting is a small field, and while not a traditional acting job, either, “mermaiding” is nonetheless a thing. There are schools and international contests for it now and Nicole Wilson of Redding, CA, embraces her watery mission with exuberance.

Wilson is a mom, model/actress/singer/entertainer, full-time student and business owner who lives the mermaid life on a daily basis. She participated and won one of said contests as Miss Mermaid Colorado 2019 in March with her eye on the big prize next year. Her medium consists water (obviously), floaty fabrics, instinct and appropriate props to bring us all along on her magical ocean journey.
Instagram: @AdamAttoun

In her interview, Wilson explains that she seeks inundate her brand with a guiding light to self-love. Along with training a new mermaid who will be unveiled soon, she enjoys expanding in-kind business acumen by bartering with other artists she works with. For instance, the Panoptic Chopstick photography company -aka the Chopstick Guys or TPC – who produce amazing full-action workshops among other things, collaborated with Wilson last year and from there she was able to network with another talented photographer, Adam Attoun.

“Adam has his own pool,” Wilson says. “Underwater photography typically requires the models to move in a way that stimulates the material and hair to be floating or dancing. It takes communication, patience and stamina. It’s very tiring but SO rewarding.” She promotes herself as she promotes the artists behind the camera or whatever venue/function she is performing for, sharing their social media links along with her own. Wilson believes artists should work together and her give/share/thrive brand of doing business is flourishing with hair, make up and costume professionals, as well.
Instagram: @AdamAttoun

Her signature boutique of colorful flukes, FinFun Mermaid Tails, is marketed on Facebook and will bring our the sea king or queen in anyone. She balances all of this with faith and positive attitude, seeking to be of service and spread nothing but goodness around, as all proper merpeople should do. Wilson’s advice to “just keep swimming” in the face of set backs is inspired by her love of Dr. Seuss and it is leading her to new revenue streams and advancement in her performance art. Special career tactics include, “smile and be as kind as the truth of the situation could allow you to. Shake hands like you mean it. If all else fails, it’s nice to be nice,” she coaches. Focus and goal setting are also important to Wilson as is meeting all her commitments with follow through.
Instagram: @AdamAttoun

Look for Nicole Wilson next month at the Redding Fire Festival. Inquires and information on how to bring the mermaid mystique to your next party, event, class or modeling session with her, please see social media outlets below:

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