Meow Wolf has ambitions to become an alternative arts and entertainment empire to rival Disney,” states the press kit synopsis. ArtBeat reached out to this collective of neo-art bandits recently upon hearing of their coming attractions.

With a “beastly” creative energy pulling the group together despite its frictions, this come-up pack is described as an “ever-changing force” having a “weird is good” vibe. Seems to be working for the “once penniless” cooperative. They now are worth millions and have produced an eye popping Origin Story film about their 10-year launch into art stratosphere following an extremely successful 2016 exhibit House of Eternal Return, a “combination children’s museum, jungle gym, art gallery and fantasy novel” inside a once abandoned bowling alley in south Santa Fe, NM.

Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return – Photo by Kate Russell

Interestingly, their launch was funded in part by Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin who bought Meow Wolf the bowling alley, giving House of Eternal Return a permanent home. Since then, Meow Wolf is set to become a magnate boutique hotel chain in these new cities unlike cookie-cutter accommodations most people are familiar with, an excitingly creative concept that blends the frenetic art space with ‘rooms to let’. Cannot wait to see what hangs on the wall there!

Desire is the thread that ties all of the arts together. The seven men and women of Meow Wolf desired itself so hard that it ultimately birthed its own plane of existence, raining righteous karma on the so-called established art world by introducing more than 400,000 visitors to the collaborative in one year alone. Call it unconventional documentary storytelling, Origin Story follows the seven “eclectic” founders and hundreds of volunteers as they struggle to bring their art to life in the face of so many closed doors. The film is produced and directed by many distinguished and award winning professionals in the documentary world.

Meow Wolf House of Eternal Return – Photo by Kate Russell

Origin Story (88 minutes, no rating) glorifies the ride in what will likely be as legendary in the alternative art world as Burning Man. Replete with humorous candor and not so funny growing pains, the doc also contains personal ‘home’ videos made by the cast and crew during the process of House of Eternal Return,

Meow Wolf took themselves next to Washington, DC and are breaking news for two locations this year, Las Vegas, NV and Phoenix. Look for Denver venue to open in 2020, according to Mr. Martin’s blog-not-blog, expected to be “HUUUUUUUGE.” The ‘what will they do next?’ of this nothing-is-impossible-artist-collaborative-startup-venue-hotel is their brand ethos. I’m down!

ArtBeat is excited to see where the next 10 years takes this collective. Pay some attention on Instagram Meow_Wolf….  #MEOWNOW and #MEOWWOLF.