A Century plant older than it’s namesake stands regally in the center of the atrium reaching towards the ceilings 15-foot cap. Originally a wedding gift, the plants stands symbolically in metaphor of the artist to whom it belongs, Carolyn Barlock. It was gifted to her great grandmother in 1890.

"Raj" - Carolyn Barlock
“Raj” – Carolyn Barlock

Growing up Barlock’s family dealt in antiquities, specifically Oriental pieces and glass vases, pieces of artwork with rich history. Having grown up with an appreciation for the intricacies of such work, it’s only natural that Barlock would gravitate towards creations of a similar nature. Barlock imbibes her creations with designs that hint at the past and yet reach toward the future following in the rich tradition of luster and gold.

"Elephant Festival Jaipur"
“Elephant Festival Jaipur”

“I think that is probably what drew me to porcelain. You could look at a piece of porcelain, centuries old and it has this lasting quality,” Barlock said.

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