Since, first launching in Southeast Asia as explained by founder Bret Reynolds the Arts Circuit has worked in one fashion or another. Reynolds came back to the U.S. and expressed that logistically it just made sense to base the company here in Colorado. Thus the name transformed into The Colorado Arts Circuit. Reynolds said, “The arts have always been something that I have had an interest in.” In the late 1990’s, Reynolds was the gallery director for artist Brent Benger who was the official artist for the Arizona Diamondbacks at that time. That foray into the art world blazed a lasting impression and appreciation for artists on him.

"Dan Burney - Spa Francorchamps, Belgium Grand Prix 1967" - Alex Wakefield
“Dan Gurney – Spa Francorchamps, Belgium Grand Prix 1967” – Alex Wakefield

His first experience with motorsports occurred while he was in Singapore. “For several years they have been the only one [country] hosting Formula One night races. There are so many events going on during the week of Formula One. It’s a very social activity, its not just about people who are exclusively passionate about the race which makes it a very fun atmosphere during that time,” states Reynolds.

Carried by the convictions of his experiences, Reynolds mission is to bring for one night only, Friday, October 20, 7pm – 2am, “an exhilarating night of art, luxury cars, music and non-stop entertainment to the iconic Vehicle Vault in Parker, Colorado.” A combination of unique vehicles and art, bringing a level of excitement and intrigue to stimulate all the senses, thus creating an experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.

The distinct ensemble of artists are:
Brent Benger
Adam Port
Alex Wakefield
Paul Peterson
Don Medina
Laura Thomas
Erik Rieger
Each will bring their own style and flare to the event.

Babe Ruth The Called Shot; Brent Benger
Babe Ruth The Called Shot; Brent Benger

Brent Benger‘s medium of choice is oil on canvas. His work is explosively bright. It can be so life-like that you feel the breath of the ball whizzing by that Babe Ruth just knocked out of field. “I was mentored by Norman Rockwell’s former assistant, Don Spaulding, who is an accomplished artist in his own right,” states Benger. “Don is now in his 90’s and I still call to talk with him and get his advice.” While some artists use the rhythm of music to create their art, Benger’s static choice is the TV or “sometimes even TV and talk radio/sports at the same time.” Benger was introduced to the arts by his mother who encouraged him to experiment with all varieties of of art projects with his three sisters. Benger has experienced many rewards in his artistic career. He still “greatly appreciates feedback from collectors, knowing that perhaps my art has touched them in some way, bringing them closer to a family member or reminding them of a cherished memory.”

Adam Port resides in Long Island, New York and believes that “growing up near Manhattan had an impact on my artistic path.” His medium of choice is acrylic paint and colored pencil on a gessoed board. “From the moment I started creating art, I was copying pictures of just about anything I could get my hands on. Early on, it was comic strips from the newspaper and pages that I had ripped out of magazines. As I got older, the images were centered around people, which is how I became focused on portraits. I always found it challenging to try and capture the likeness of the subject I was drawing or painting,” shares Port.

"Lou Gehrig" - Adam Port
“Lou Gehrig” – Adam Port

“The most important thing an artist can do is be technically sound. If you are a painter, it’s crucial to understand how to apply the paint with a brush and mix colors. Learn your craft inside and out. If you don’t, you are doing yourself a disservice by limiting your understanding of your tools.”

Alex Wakefield creates his own style of motorsport by incorporating his enthusiastic spirit into his art. “Motorsport is something that’s a deep passion for me. Driving didn’t take off and creating my racing passion through art was always enjoyable for me. That’s kinda where it all started, and starts every time I begin a new project. Thankfully, my work is finding a tribe of people who enjoy what I do too.” Wakefield enjoys the following mediums; oil on canvas, graphite pencil, Micron pens, airbrush and Prismacolors for illustrative work. Where does he find his inspiration? “I always find some new facet of racing that wasn’t familiar to me. There’s always something exciting to discover in motorsport or anything in life. That excites me to create. Also, overcoming life’s hurdles. Reading stories about how others came through seemingly insurmountable circumstances gives me a reality check. “Oh, so it’s not THAT bad for me right now. Carry on…”

Paul Peterson began his formal training in industrial design and struggled to find a job in that he enjoyed. “My roommate at the time suggested I pick up some supplies and try painting,” states Peterson.

Born in Pitalito, Columbia and adopted shortly thereafter, his family moved to a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota where he still resides. “I began working in oil and then switched to acrylic about ten years ago, finding much success in experimenting by adding unique elements such as custom textures.” Peterson goes on to explain that the keys to his success have been, “My outgoing personality and ability to network, perseverance and my desire to continue to be a full-time artist, and my passion for the work that I create.” Peterson’s work is colorful and full of texture, creating dimension that takes the audience on a journey.

"Bob Marley" - Don Medina
“Bob Marley” – Don Medina

Don Medina was influenced by his brother at a young age who was an artist. “I started drawing and taking art seriously in my twenties and started professionally about 10 years ago.” Medina has played a wide variety of sports those along with art are his passion. His medium of choice is graphite and acrylic paint. “My favorite is graphite, you can get so detailed with it. You can bring out everything, and every emotion, with the detail of pencil,” smiles Medina.

Medina works with various organizations including a few professional football player foundations that give back to the community, “I paint live for these organizations and all proceeds help with the foundations mission to help others; they include Von Miller (Von’s Visions), Chris Harris Jr. (Underdog Foundation) and with Derek Wolfe (The Wolfe Pack Foundation.” Medina’s philosophies include giving 100% all the time, to enjoy every minute you have with your family, and to find your purpose and once you do, use it to help others.

"A Cero Night" - Laura Thomas
“A Cero Night” – Laura Thomas

Laura Thomas states “Art was always a part of me, inside of me, from as early as I can remember. When I was young it was my way of expressing myself, helped me get through hard times, kept me alive inside. I learned early on in life I couldn’t live without that expression.” Thomas’s medium of choice is primarily tattooing, chalk art and jewelry designing. “When inspired, I still love to paint in oils and sculpt,” and adds that her favorite medium is chalk. “Hands down…I have become artistically obsessed with the feeling of using my fingers as my “paint brush.” I feel I finally found the medium I have been looking for that I can best express my visions with. Tattooing is still right up there as a favorite for me though, just for different reasons.”

Thomas believes it is important to attend other artist exhibitions. “It’s so important to support your fellow artists. I love viewing another artist’s vision, collection, performance and feeling what they are sharing with the audience.”

Performing at 3 Kings, Denver, CO 2013
Performing at 3 Kings, Denver, CO 2013

Erik Rieger is an accomplished artist expressing his virtuosity through many different mediums, excelling at all. He is a craftsman designing and building art in the form of custom wood bars for homes or restaurants, furniture and kitchens; Oil painter and for the past two decades, a performance artist creating holographic images under a shower of sparks and glistening lights on a sheet of steel, often to music that he has written and recorded. “This idea of creating art on steel came to me kind of happenstance while at a night club dancing,” states Rieger. “I was already working and creating art at night clubs around town; One club requested something new.”

“As an artist I don’t believe in erasing. Life doesn’t come with an eraser. You make a mark then you digest that mark. Then all subsequent choices are made from and built upon that,” expresses Rieger.

Bret Reynolds has brought together a high-powered group of artists for a spectacular night, that will support the cause of The National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD). “It is an organization that my family has had some sort of involvement in for very long time,” explains Reynolds. “My dad began skiing at the age of 44/45. He had started volunteering with the NSCD around 1990 as a ski instructor. My mom, who wasn’t as comfortable with skiing, volunteered with the NSCD at a different capacity in their offices. Its a fantastic program assisting children and adults with disabilities.” NSCD respected the time and dedication of Reynolds father so much so that they created a placard in his honor.

Bret Reynolds has produced similar events overseas. He believes Denver is a kindred location ready for an event of this magnitude. Prepare to be a part of something spirited and engaging!

Friday, October 20, doors open at 7pm, with different levels of ticket entry pricing all participants should expect to be dazzled with art created right before your eyes, with an art auction and the joy of checking out over 30 exotic and rare vehicles in an atmosphere unlike any other. Visit Colorado Arts Circuit website to purchase your tickets; proceeds benefit the NSCD.

UPDATE: This event was cancelled by the Colorado Arts Circuit 10/18/17 with the hopes of rescheduling Spring 2018.  Please contact the Colorado Arts Circuit directly to find out more details.  Please click on the link above to visit website.