Traveling allows us to awaken the sense of adventure that inspires us to explore our senses in every way shape and form. This includes the exploration of food!1499720915006

On a trip to Los Angeles for the LA Art Show back in January, one of my artistic adventures took my guests and I to the Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar.

Upon entering your eyes are delighted by the comfortable ambiance, however, it is what I heard that sparked a memory of good times: Funk music. Yes, you heard me right, the music took me back to my middle school days of fifth and sixth grade growing up in the suburbs of Chicago and the only music I could get on my alarm clock radio was Funk music.

Take this Funk music and combine it with the comforts of a scrumptious breakfast menu and you will experience hit after hit and off the chart flavors.

Tower O'Bacon - Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar
Tower O’Bacon – Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar

While this is certainly not meant to be a “food for thought” article, I certainly want to awaken your senses to the magic that is created simply by atmosphere and quality cuisine.

The menu choices left my mouth watering. We opened with the Tower O’Bacon a Tapitio Candied Bacon, which had just the right amount of heat. Due to the tasty flavors of the bacon I selected the Candied Bacon Breakfast Burger and a Tang Mimosa. My guests enjoyed the Chicken & Biscuits accompanied by a caffeinated tropical adventure of the Vietnamese Iced Coffee. My other guest enjoyed the Drunken French Toast with a beverage that reminded me of the flavors of childhood (without the rum) Cinnamon Toast Crunch with Spiced Rum.

So next time you are out and about in Venice, California, plan to make Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar an eating destination. Please note that even if Funk music may not be your thing, Nighthawk will often play other hits to sway and capture your appetite; note worthy, the food alone is a destination dining visit, no matter the hour of day or night.

Candied Bacon Breakfast Burger

Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar is located at 417 Washington Boulevard, Venice, CA 90292, 424.835.4556.

Cheers! And here’s to seeing you out & about exploring not only the art of the eye but also of the mouth!

ALL Images Courtesy of Nighthawk: Breakfast Bar