The Mesa Arts Center is expanding our artistic vision with an ongoing exhibit at the Contemporary Arts Museum – Main Street and Center – offering special Enchroma (think plastic 3D or polarized) glasses that allow those with color vision deficiency to see each painting in its astonishing chromatic-realness.

Wiley Wallace, Sharing

Several artists, including Colorado’s Amanda Sage, contribute to imagery layered in every color of the spectrum. To colorblind folks, however, that purple sky may look brown and they are unable to discern the many shades of blue, green or red in each design.

Regenerating Heaven on Earth
Amanda Sage, Regenerating Heaven on Earth

   The Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum Now Offers Color Accessibility (

A truly eye-opening experience, parts of the show end in just a couple weeks, so hurry downtown. Be sure to stop by their awesome gift shop, as well. Closed Christmas day. After this exhibit moves on, the Enchroma glasses will still be available for those who wish to see upcoming exhibitions in true color pallet. Before you go, check out the museum website for hours, safety regulations and other pertinent information. Images and video from official website.