Capturing the allurement of nature, the true essence of the beauty within nature is something that artist Mai Wyn Schantz does with the ease of each brushstroke in vibrant colors. Working in oil on stainless steel, Wyn Schantz’s art has the appearance of a smooth a surface with three-dimensional feel.

Her landscapes, animals and sunsets are enchanting; they court your mind and ask your soul to take an adventure.

“All Signs Point North” oil on stainless steel – 40in x 36in – Mai Wyn Schantz

Wyn Schantz was introduced to the wilds of the outdoor world by her father at the influential age of twelve canoeing through what is called the “Boundary Waters”, an area filled with lakes between Northern Minnesota and Canada. This is when she “first felt emerced into nature and a part of nature and really exposed to nature.”*

“Three’s Company” – oil on stainless steel – 47in x 47in – Mai Wyn Schantz

In a biographical video, Wyn Schantz explains how sitting in the bow /baʊ/ of a canoe, “with just that bounty in front of you, everything is a possibility in that place. That was the beginning of my loving landscapes, loving horizons, sitting on a rock eating dinner and watching the sun go down, those are magical times.”*

“Perch III” – oil on stainless steel – 24in x24in – Mai Wyn Schantz

Mai Wyn Schantz is an artist that fascinates the mind with the way she exquisitely captures the scenes of nature that are so lifelike you want to climb inside the painting, breathe in the air, feel the fur, feathers or wings in front of you or touch the bark of an Aspen tree.

“Watershed – (Curtain Falls)” – oil on stainless steel – 24in x 24in – Mai Wyn Schantz

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  • Some information and quotes were gathered from press release and the video documentary Beyond the Gallery