Artists have the magic of medium and the expertise of how to transform the medium into the art they create; it is a personal journey. Often times while gazing upon a work of art I have heard the words uttered by someone standing near, “I could do that” and my thoughts are “then you should”. However, it would be reasonable to believe that it would be impossible to create or re-create the art since one hasn’t experienced the same personal journey and for that I am thankful for the uniqueness of every artist.

“Blowdown Four” – Meredith Nemirov – watercolor, gouache, ink on 90 Arches watercolor paper

Michael Warren Contemporary has combined the magic of medium and the exploration of environment in their current exhibition Blowdown: Feeding the Forest Floor – New works by Meredith Nemirov, which runs concurrent with exhibits by Lorelei Schott – Mixed Media Collage and Margaret Boozer – Study of Concrete Landscapes. The combination of artists and their style compliment each other and the diversity of each artist’s personal journey and environment.

Nemirov’s new work explores and evaluates “the natural life cycles of trees.” As stated on the press release “Meredith Nemirov repositions the trees from vertical to horizontal. No longer reading as a tradition landscape, the stacked trucks and branches create visual layers. Nemirov imagines the pressure of wood against wood and the subsequent erosion, investigating subterranean activities taking place as a result of this decomposition, illustrating a world of activity happening just beneath the forest floor.”

Working with gouache, watercolor, graphite, charcoal and ink, Nemirov is able to illustrate the abstract that can occur in nature while also portraying figurative imagery with color and mixed media.

“Mycelia One” – Meredith Nemirov – watercolor, gouache, ink & thread on paper.

Friday, July 20, 6pm – 8pm, join Michael Warren Contemporary as they host an Artist Talk with Meredith Nemirov as she shares her inspiration for her current works.

Michael Warren Contemporary is located in the heart of the Sante Fe Arts District, 760 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204, 303.635.6255.

Exhibition closes Saturday, July 21, 2018….Don’t miss this magical exhibition of medium and the transformation of medium by artist. Be a tourist in your own city and support the arts by becoming a collector!