When it rains we stop looking out windows and begin looking at them. Drops glaze the glass, each one channeling the scenery beyond through a single dot of water. It holds for just a moment before dripping, or being splattered by a sibling. Then we step back and what we see isn’t the ordinary world on clear days but something else—something new. An organized chaos that alters the world beyond in its own image: a world filtered through bubbles. Nicaraguan artist Marcio Diaz channels this seemingly ordinary experience onto canvas to create captivating paintings.

Diaz begins by drawing and painting bucolic imagery. These are scenes inspired by the Nicaraguan countryside of his childhood. He doesn’t stop with an idyll. He then drips paint onto the canvas, adds heat and wipes away. It’s a technique that has drawn comparisons to the intersection between pointillism and Jackson Pollock’s action painting. What emerges is a collection of bubbles, earning the technique the appropriate title ‘bubblism.’

“Marcio’s fascinating style is wholly his own,” extols Steve Sonnen, owner of Mirada Fine Art. “We’re thrilled he chose Mirada for his only U.S. exhibit not on the West Coast, and that art lovers in the Denver area will have this opportunity to view his extraordinary work. You really have to see the paintings in person to fully understand the scope of his skill.”

Viewers are encouraged to lean in and trace the bubblish cells that melt into one another. And, like looking out on a rainy day, to then take a step back to view the image in its totality. What’s discovered is the drama of a child blowing bubbles in a field: layers of color that form a microcosm of the whole.

Mirada Fine Art Art will hold a reception for Diaz on May 11th, from 6 to 9 PM. And the exhibit will be on display from May 12th to June 3rd. The Mirada Fine Arts gallery is located in the Denver, Colorado metro area: off of Highway 285 on Parmalee Gulch Road, just five miles west of C-470.

To learn more about “Bubbles” and the Mirada Fine Art Gallery, visit the gallery’s website: http://www.miradafineart.com/.

*Please Note: some information was gathered directly from the Mirada Fine Art press release.