There is a sort of magic that happens between artist and their medium of choice when it is shared with the world. The audience is swept away into the vivid imagination and story-telling of the work displayed.

Justin T. Newby Sr. displays this magic at his upcoming exhibition at The Gallery of Everything this First Friday, June 1, 2018.

Newby was introduced at a young age into the arts by his Aunt Donna. “She taught me early in life, drawing cartoons and then designs for Vanns shoes. I was painting all the time after that,” states Newby “I received a Chicago Institute of Art award in high school. I worked on movies and designed masks for Distortions Unlimited in Greeley, Colorado.”

“I’m fascinated by the masters! daVinci was so ahead of his time or an alien,” smiles Newby. “So many of his designs were functional. It’s a brilliant mystery.”

“Eyes of the Sky” – Acrylic on Canvas – Justin T. Newby Sr.

When asked why he creates the artwork he does, “I love it. It helps me communicate with the hearing culture things they can’t understand in my language. Yes, I’m deaf but I am in the mainstream, don’t underestimate me. Whatever project I am working on will often overtake me like a fever, I’ll become focused completely on the perfection of a project. Oftentimes I’ve no choice but to work until it’s finished just to get it out of my head.”

Newby rises with the sun, he explains that he prefers to work with sunlight and when the sun sets he his done creating for the day. The artists that have struck an awe chord with him are: Dali, Pollack, Frida Callo and Van Gogh but it is Dali who has been the greatest influence within his own work.

“Waking the Sleeping One” – 2010 – Justin T. Newby Sr.

“I work hard (at my art) until I’m sore and can’t see anymore, I am constantly developing my style,” states Newby. The length of time it takes Newby to complete a work of art varies depending on what he is working on. “I work on several pieces at a time, and they are in various stages of development. I work on them until I feel they are finished, sometimes I scratch out a plan. Portrait work is often from only a photograph. The majority of my work comes right out of my head and dreams,” expresses Newby.

Cultural experiences and even attending a movie can present challenges that the hearing may not even think twice about. Newby explains that “theatre is difficult for deaf culture. Interpreted performances are rare and closed caption boxes at the movie houses are in red digital display that cause eye strain. Crowded places are not fun for deaf. The deaf culture is getting some more access to being involved with deaf dancers, and cool movies with deaf actors, but it’s still not fully integrated to mainstream in life let alone the art world. We are isolated unnecessarily by it.”

It is his wife, son and dogs that keep him sane. Newby’s philosophy for work is to work hard; family is who you love and for life: “take care of life, appreciate this planet. We must find better sustainable ways of living and take care of our environment.”

‘Portal Committee” – 2017 – Acrylic on Canvas – Justin T. Newby Sr.

Join Justin T. Newby Sr. for his First Friday Exhibition, June 1, 5pm – 9pm at The Gallery of Everything located at 6719 West Colfax Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80214 in the 40 West Arts District, 720.883.8132.

“I’m different. I’m big and blessed. I see beauty and horror.” And if Newby could listen to music while creating his art he states “I’d listen to Elvis first.”

Hope to see you out and about in the art scene this First Friday. Support the arts and artists, become a collector.