Odessa leaps into the artistic scene with a vision of inclusion and a voice that art in not just an experience, it is a powerful generator that connects artists to the art world and beyond. What began as an online connection, Odessa steps off the web to curate an exhibition at RedLine Contemporary Art Center in Denver with the works of Brian Napier: Crooked Timber, opening reception June 30th, 6pm and on view through July 28, 2017. 

“Crooked Timber investigates the relationship between human beings and the Earth; deconstructing the paradoxes between self and place. Brian Napier’s sculptural works draw parallels between natural objects and societal growth. The making of these objects is a disruption of the natural processes which the work examines. And in this way, the exhibition space serves as an open casket to what was, and a monument to the eternal. Napier’s paintings take this approach by way of quasi-classical still life. Incorporating subtle elements of design and color blocking, the artist shrouds the figure in plastic, employing a sense of quiet unrest and dread in a stunning juxtaposition of skeletal forms; reflecting on death, time, and debris.”*

static1-squarespaceThe focus of the evening won’t be just about the art, immediately following the opening reception for Napier at 8pm is Exposure! A Free Happy Hour Celebrating Denver’s Creative Community. “Exposure! Is a series of events and releases curated by From the Hip Photo. The event is designed to collapse boundaries and expose attendees to a cross-section of Colorado’s vibrant artistic community, encountering art, artists and organizations whose paths may not otherwise cross.”* Founded in 2007, From the Hip Photo is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Danny and Nina de Zayas.

Corianne & Kristopher sit outside 'Grafico Movil', a multi-community collaborative art project
Corianne & Kristopher sit outside ‘Grafico Movil’, a multi-community collaborative art project

Corianne Wells and Kristopher Wright have made it their mission to be well informed artists and to share the information with other artists. Together they are Odessa. “Kristopher Wright is my best art colleague and partner and together we run Odessa. Odessa has led us to find so many incredible creatives to work and partner with!”

According to their business description, Odessa is a nomadic collective of visual artists and creative minds who believe in the power of critical discourse and social engagement. Featuring local news & events, interviews with emerging contemporary artists as well as opportunities for in-person connection; Odessa is a platform for artistic empowerment and creative intention. Odessa aims to be a creative incubator. An experimental space, cultivating new possibility and varying perspective. Through your input and participation, we hope Odessa continues to expand and evolve, taking on new projects and telling new stories. Let’s get to work!”*

The Denver art scene has a lot to offer those that are interested in exploring and Odessa and From the Hip Photo plan to assist you on your travels! Get out there and get to know the artist next to you.  See you at RedLine this Friday! RedLine is located in Five Points at 2350 Arapahoe Street, Denver, CO, 80205.

Information was gathered from *press release and interview.