Albesila, a temporary inflatable village, will bloom in Mesa’s Pioneer Park beginning this Saturday, February 9, for the next three weekends, ends February 17. Hours are from noon – 9pm, opening day closing an hour early for special event.

All Images Courtesy of Media Kit – KILKENNY – Photo John Owen

Aptly named the Architects of Air, Albesila is an immersive installation designed by Alan Parkinson, UK. For only $7 and for 30 minutes a session, visitors can experience what it might feel like to walk inside a glass bubble in what is being called a  “breathtakingly beautiful, serene and contemplative” work of art.  About the size of an American football field, the pneumatic sculptures can hold 80 people at a time and include “ambient music”, as well. Parkinson’s previous Arboria installation toured in Spain, Australia, New Zealand, the US and other locations, and gained critical success. The team is now celebrating 27 years of touring more than 41 countries.

All Images Courtesy of Media Kit – EXXOPOLIS – Photo John Owens

Computer screens do not do the scale and imaginative shapes created by Architects of Air justice. Like a video game city that mushrooms from the ground, it seems to be a bouncy house without the bounce.

Tickets are $6 if you buy four or more. Children under two are free. Those under 16 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult. The installation is 100% accessible. Please arrive 10 minutes before your ticketed time and shoes are not allowed. If you are not fine with the cold or the thought of sharing bare feet germs with others, BRING OR WEAR SOCKS.

Girl at the end of a passage – Photo Courtesy of Media Kit – Amococo – Photo Richard Rosalion

Pioneer Park, Mesa Drive and Main Street downtown, is one of Mesa’s oldest public parks and has undergone $7.9 million in recent improvements. It is yards from the Light Rail and also hosts food truck festivals, farmers/flea markets and dozens of other family-friendly activities all year. (480) 644-PLAY (7529) for more details. For information about Mesa Arts Center and their exceptional line-up of features this season, please call (480) 644-6500. For artist bio, visitor reviews and contact information about Architects of Air, visit YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.