With a feather-light touch, depth and beauty arise from the photographic images created by artist Lisa Garness Mallory. Her sense of artistic style, is all her own. “I created my process of using wood carving tools and an engraver to hand etch on my digital photography,” states Garness Mallory. “Creating my work is part of who I am. It’s my love, passion, challenge, hope, peace, excitement and inspiration, which keeps me moving forward in my artist journey.”

“Coopers Hawk” – Lisa Garness Mallory

From landscapes, flowers to wildlife, there is an intoxicating allure that Garness Mallory’s photographic eye captures, first with the image and then altered to a level that allows the viewer to contemplate the new realty presented. “I created my photo etching process because I am fascinated with detail, and I wanted to find a way to combine my love for fine art and digital photography,” confides Garness Mallory with a pure sense of confidence in her unique approach to the arts. “I find my inspiration from many sources, especially anything pertaining to nature and wildlife.”

A Colorado Native, Lisa Garness Mallory only has to step outside to find inspiration. “Colorado is beautiful and provides many wonderful photographic subjects.” She finds its important to connect with other artist friends to critique each other’s work, “Which is helpful and inspirational.” Garness Mallory was destined to be an artist for both her parents had a flare for the arts, ‘My mom could create any form of art and my dad created jewelry and hand made frames. When I was still living at home, my mom and I created different kinds of art everyday.” So it was only a natural progression that since “childhood, becoming a professional artist was and still is my dream,” Garness Mallory noted that the keys to her success has been her supportive parents and friends along with the determination to continue her artist journey.

“One Bright Moment” – Lisa Garness Mallory

Her philosophy for work is to “create what makes you happy”. With family, “Keep your family close in your mind and heart, and her philosophy with life is to love and respect one another, and to never be cruel to others or wildlife or domestic animals.”

Garness Mallory believes its important to follow your dreams and noted that she spends half her time marketing but would rather have more time to create her art. Her determination as an artist also gave her the opportunity to be on Rocky Mountain PBS in their Arts District Program.

“Twin Orchids” – Lisa Garness Mallory

You have the opportunity to view Lisa Garness Mallory’s work on exhibition at Stanton Gallery at the Town Hall Arts Center located at 2450 W. Main Street, Littleton, Colorado until the close of the show on Friday, February 8, 2019, so don’t waste a minute.

Feel free to reach out directly with questions or purchasing information through her website HERE.