There are magical moments in art; whether as an artist creating the art with an “ah ha” moment or the audience/collector that encounters a work of art that causes one to pause. The current exhibition, Vantage Points at Walker Fine Art happens to be one of those magical moments in art where all the senses collide into breathtaking awe.

Artists Kevin Hoth (hanging); Norman Epp (sculpture) Photos courtesy of WFA

From the moment you enter the gallery, your eyes are dazzled by enticing colors and images that allow your imagination to take flight. As the namesake of the exhibition itself, every place you stand to gaze upon the artwork unfolding allows the viewer a different Vantage Point. While the exhibition title lends itself to different interpretations, and as stated in the title explanation, this is exactly why this exhibition works so well.

“A vantage point does not have to be the actual point which we are looking from; nor something limited to a spatial region. Rather, a viewpoint is position from which something is observed or considered, the mental attitude that determines a person’s opinions or judgements. This exhibit offers viewers an opportunity to reconsider their own point of view through artworks that combine invented environments, the natural world, and the symbolism of everyday objects. These artists present works from a personal perspective, allowing viewers to transform the meanings from their unique vantage point.”

Brian Comber, watercolors, Norman Epp sculpture center – Photo courtesy of WFA

Walker Fine Art kicked off their recent exhibition Vantage Points, Friday, March 16 to a large crowd of art enthusiasts. The pulse was set and the fluidity of each work of art was fascinating as well as the overall response from attendees.

This exhibition takes it audience on a delightful journey of several mediums such as sculptures by Norman Epp that engage on levels of intellect and sensuality from the type of wood to the shape; whether natural or altered and then forging steel within the veins.

This exhibition also allows you to look through the lens of Kevin Hoth‘s work showcasing visual perspectives of the environment, thus offering different Vantage Points.

Watercolors by Brian Comber, who is ever expanding his exploration of the medium to the applause of those who have watched his progression.

Works by Elaine Coombs – Photos courtesy of WFA

From afar, the work of Elaine Coombs has successfully captured what resembles a photographic moment of nature, until you walk closer and then you see the dedication of artistic style presented by the artist.

Katie Kalkenstein‘s whimsical yet profound artistic approach to the environment allows the viewer to contemplate “connection and transformation”.

Foreground, Sculpture, Norman Epp – Aaron Morgan Brown, painting – Photo courtesy of WFA

Aaron Morgan Brown‘s paintings are an invitation to a dream-like, collage style, “pictorial orchestration”. His blending of daily observations and imagination carry the viewer through garden and city streets alike, in effect requesting that the viewer step into what could be an alternative or parallel universe.

Described as “snapshots of abstract landscapes”, the artwork of Lee Heekin explores dimension with “multiple horizon lines” through multimedia landscapes.

Lee Heekin – mixed media – Photo courtesy of WFA

Walker Fine Art Vantage Points is on view through Saturday, May 5, 2018. Make a point to visit and gain a new perspective and possibly become a collector. Walker Fine Art is located at 300 W 11th Avenue, Suite A, Denver, Colorado 80204. Feel free to inquire directly 303.355.8955 or pre-visit through the website:

Feature Image: “One Breath Away” – Photoencaustic, 40×30 – Katie Kalkstein

“Sipapu” – Norman Epp – Photo courtesy of WFA