Art is a journey of the soul, a journey of the conscious and subconscious both for artist and audience. The dynamic combination of artists for Walker Fine Art‘s exhibition A Conscious Surrender allows the audience to romantically take a journey of color and shape with an abstract fair.

Anna Charney – Image Courtesy of WFA

As stated in WFA’s press release “A conscious surrender may appear as an anomaly, however in certain forms of art, especially of the abstract nature, the notion is almost necessity. To genuinely surrender opens up a dialogue with the blank canvas; allowing colors, forms and meandering lines to take the place of thoughts, a wordless narrative creates a visual dance. This group exhibition displays artists who have stopped struggling for a certain outcome, and have allowed their subconscious to be the driving force behind their final result.”

Ben Strawn – Image Courtesy of WFA

The artistic combination is truly a “visual dance”.

Anna Charney creates a “dense detail and optical illusions of bending forms.”

“Color, forms and meanderings of lines take the place of words” with the work of Ben Strawn.

For Sara Pittman “A wordless narrative evolves through the thin, transparent layers of paint and mark-making, with the subconscious as her guide.”

“Exploring the lure, mystery and beauty of nature” the work of Carol Browning is “a journey of self-discovery, an observation or the rhythm, patterns and vibrant colors” of nature.

David Mazza – Image Courtesy of WFA

“The balance of line and form through abstract representation” is the approach that David Mazza takes with his metal rod sculptures.

Deidre Adams “work itself is completely abstract, calligraphic markings allude to language, and other markings are evocative of biological, physical and cosmic processes.”

Walker Fine Art is consistently sharpening the artistic boundaries with each exhibition. A Conscious Surrender is a stimulating voyage, a “visual dance” that is captivating in all aspects…. truly a conscious surrender.

Carol Browning – Image Courtesy of WFA

Join Walker Fine Art Friday, July 13, 2018 from 5pm-9pm for the Opening Reception, located at 300 W. 11th Avenue, Suite #A, with entrance on Cherokee Street. WFA is located in the Prado Building in Denver’s Golden Triangle Arts District.

Deidre Adams – Image Courtesy of WFA

Exhibition runs through Saturday, September 8, 2018 during regular gallery hours, Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-5pm or by appointment.

Contact the gallery directly for further information 303.355.8955 or visit:

Feature Image: Sara Pittman – Image Courtesy of WFA