The Art Circus Gallery combines seasoned artists with up-and-coming artists in a variety of mediums that gives their audience a fresh and enthusiastic view into the arts.

Art Circus is the vision of four talented artisans with an individual style that compliments the other. As artists and co-owners in their own description they are “a team of four artists with very different styles that have a passion for art and community with a drive to do something bigger.”

The team consists of Dominic Bedan, CLS, Andre Lippard and Adam Zimmer (aka D3PC). Bedan is a native of Colorado who “incorporates colors and textures” into his mixed media creations. CLS is a “traveling artist” that creates works in cities across the globe that are meant to make one pause and take in the random mixed media beauty, although he also creates work for permanent ownership. Lippard also a Colorado native is a fixture in the Denver art scene whose artistic style ranges from Japanese minimalism to Cubistic Surrealism. Zimmer’s work is focused on the use of “digital design, 3D printing, CNC, liquid plastics and art glass.

All combined their hope is to create an inclusive artistic experience that allows the seasoned art collector or the just beginning collector to find quality art in a variety price points, and they invite you to join them in their Grand Opening Celebration.

The Grand Opening Block Party and the Closing Reception of 100 Monkeys is this Saturday, June 30 10am – 10pm… Includes Live Music, Food & Beverage…. and Lots of Art!!.

Art Circus Gallery is located at 1510 Kearney Street, Denver, Colorado… just North of Colfax Avenue. This is a family friendly event…. full for all ages!!

Artist CLS mixed media
Artist Dominic Bedan

The list of artists for the 100 Monkeys Exhibition include:
John Haley III, Steve Jones, Phil Harris, Daniel Crosier, Kyle Stonner, Cassidy Dwelis, Jon Ramirez, Savannah Lewis, Erik Stitt, Kim Bieske, Catherine Carilli, Lisa Luree, Justin Eisenbeiss, Kristi Cone Czajowski
Michelle DiGiacomo, Blake Wade, Chris Thai, Amy Valle, Paco Art (Dom), Whitney Shearer, Knowone, Ervan Martinez, Andy Arens, Keith McAfee, C. Martinez, Ben Walling, Benn Stebleton, Bobby Godamnesia, Tania Kaaz, Francesca Morales Cook, Carol and Larry Broere, Sydney Eitel, Vicki Motazedi, Marla Sullivan, Suzanne Ellengbogen, Grace Noel, Deborah Mueller Hruza , L.I.P. Glass, Mercedes Slack, Ann Gutierrez, Devon Lokke, Crystal Epperson, Cedric Chambers, Cole Patenotte, Cheryl Jelm, Kara Blaney, Sheila, Chloë Urbanczyk, Melanie Fischer, Richard Wolfe, Audree Anderson, Joni N. Emily, Heidi Peterson, Cassandra Babtkis, Andrew Piper, Shayman Robbins, Debra L Butler, Tim Valdez, Al Vigel, Elisa Groglio, Rebecca Barra, Even Reyes, Gypsy Mama, Erica Kasson, Anita Kasson, D.C. Calkins, Brian Funke, Niki Jo, Leslie Gifford, Julia, Carson Torchia, Alexandra Williams and Bianca Martinez

Artists with Booths: Rocky (Harold) Tornabene, LaJardin Art Gallery, Brian Dory

Feature Image: Artist Andre Lippard